Posted by: COSI | July 3, 2008

Welcome to Chez Sez!

Hi! I’m David E. Chesebrough, President & CEO of COSI in Columbus, Ohio. Welcome to my blog!

I’m very proud of the good work we’re doing at COSI to serve our community and feel really privileged to have the opportunity to lead the team here. I’m also having a great time blending my background in science, engineering, education, and the business world all into one great job as COSI goes through some fascinating growth in our service and leadership!

I’ll be sharing some of what catches my attention in the world of science and technology and here at COSI, along with my insights (and foibles and reflections). I hope you’ll find some of my blogs of interest and hopefully some of them of help.



  1. Hi David,

    I really enjoy your scientific approach to dissecting complex issues such as the attempt to be green.

    It’s that type of thinking that’s created 44 years of great COSI experiences and launched countless science fair projects.

    I’m already looking forward to reading more of Chez Sez.

    Craig Kavicky
    COSI Alumnus and Friend of COSI

  2. I appreciate that COSI has created millions of memories throughout the Midwest and Central Ohio. One of the powerful outcomes of getting online more is that we can start to help better connect to COSI “alumni”.

    I just got a note from a former COSI volunteer now at the big American Association of Museums in DC cheering us on as she sees the good progress and press we’ve been getting and cheering us on.

    I’ll try to use my blog, along with the other ways we’re connecting into Web 2.0 allow more “alum” and friends to stay posted and “get behind the scenes.”

    More to come!

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