Posted by: COSI | July 25, 2008

COSI Rocks!

Most people know that I’m passionate about COSI and what we represent to and do for the community—my license plate for one proclaims that! 😉

However, it’s rewarding to see others share in that passion.

Like many, I’ve always read with interest the local “Best of” categories that various newspapers and magazines conduct.


In The Other Paper‘s annual reader poll, which just came out in the July 24, 2008 issue, we won in 8 CATEGORIES with an incredible range, from BEST MUSEUM to BEST EMPLOYER to BEST GREEN COMPANY.

The full list is below:

Best Museum
Best Employer
Best Green Company
Best View
Best Date Spot That’s Not Dinner, a Movie, or a Bar
Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners
Best Thing That Hasn’t Been Mentioned
Best Place to Let Your Kids Run Wild. (OK, we do try to have parents be a little more responsible than that 😉 )

We also took second in two other categories: Best Place for a Wedding and Best Place for Couples (and we don’t even have a tunnel of love)!

WOW!!! 8 Best of awards plus two runner-ups!

We’ve been working to support the community beyond just an engaging family outing or inspiring school field trip (though still our bread and butter).

We provide so many additional services and opportunities.  We’re blessed with an award winning building in a great and convenient downtown location which we’re learning to tap better.

It’s so great to see the public start to recognize and applaud our transition from acting as a standalone science center to being more a “center of science” and community hub for all ages.

Thanks to everyone who cast a vote and I’d like to recognize publicly the great team members we have here at COSI who make all of this happen!

I’ll leave you with a picture of our amazing view!

Columbus Skyline from COSI

Columbus Skyline from COSI


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