Posted by: COSI | August 1, 2008

Urban Greening

The Other Paper, as I noted in a previous post, proclaimed COSI as their readers’ pick as Best Green Company. I think we work hard at this– encouraging staff to find ways to cut our collective carbon footprint with commuting. For our part, Dottie and I moved from our temporary housing much closer to work to cut 20+ miles/day off my commute. I love stopping in at COSI on weekends and those drop-ins are done by bike as much as possible.

It’s good to see others making a big effort—including starting to settle in and re-energize city neighborhoods. A great way to be green is to rehab existing homes (including upgrading their energy conservation features) and to rebuild the density of our city.

Browsing Walker Evans’s blog (voted by The Other Paper as Best Blog), I found his installment about moving to the King Lincoln District. I’ve always admired those who have the foresight and pioneering spirit to locate into urban neighborhoods and lead their rejuvenation. You can check out Walker’s comments on his urban living at his personal website.



  1. Thanks for the linkage! 😀

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