Posted by: COSI | August 8, 2008

Summer Cool

When we have special events, we’re trying harder to make sure they have the COSI signature, or what I call “COSI-fy” them. We recently highlighted this at team and board celebrations regarding the progress we’ve made at COSI in the last few years. One of the ways the team COSI-fied the celebrations was to create instant ice cream using liquid nitrogen.

I’ve had fun for years teaching with liquid nitrogen since you can really explore the extremes in temperature with it (320 degrees below zero, Fahrenheit!). Freezing bananas to make them so hard that I could hammer a nail through them was one of my old classroom favorites.

But making ice cream with liquid nitrogen was new to me—so I captured part of the process in a short video from our board retreat. Nitrogen, as an inert gas (meaning it won’t react with other materials) and as the largest gas component of the air we breathe, is a great element to work with. And, as you can see in the video, since it is so cold in comparison to the air around us, it quickly turns to gas, taking its heat from its surroundings (in this case the ingredients for the ice cream), and harmlessly enters our air.

I’ll let you figure out why there is a “cloud” around the bowl in the video. (Clue: My description of the way in which it looked).

Also, if you are interested in holding a COSI-fied event at COSI—making your affair an unique experience—you can contact our great special events team at COSI.



  1. David, it looks like you have a great place there!

    All the best,


  2. Hal,

    It is a great place, now recognized as the #1 science centers in the country, so hope you and your family can travel to Columbus and enjoy COSI for yourselves. We have many families now coming on day and weekend trips to visit COSI.

    Thanks for thinking of us!

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