Posted by: COSI | August 19, 2008

#1 In the Nation!

There are approximately 150 science centers in the United States, not counting many more natural history museums. We have many fine science center colleagues around the country for whom we have great respect for the quality of their experiences.

So, when Parents Magazine just announced COSI’s selection as their #1 Best Science Center for families in a national survey we were floored (and thrilled)!

While COSI is continuing to expand the ways in which we operate more as a “center of science” with expanded programs tapping real scientists, community partnerships and events, appeal and support for expanded ages of children and teens, we will always remain a great place for families and kids. The Parents Magazine #1 designation reinforces that we’re still staying true to our core while adding more to our overall value to the community.

A new and critical list of challenges and opportunities face our generations. As never before, success in assuring a strong future is dependent on a learned society and skills in science, math and technology. Science centers have an even greater role and contribution that we can uniquely make to the health of our families, individuals, environment, and society—and at COSI we are moving forward to maximize this need and opportunity.

As such, we are so appreciative of the community’s involvement and support—from investment partners (private, city, county) who have provided resources so we can develop and expand our programs, access, and overall experience—to our volunteers who provide a huge help in providing the day-in and day-out great experience for which Parents magazine recognized us.

Any organization, like COSI, responds to the community it serves—so as our efforts have been well received, our great team is further inspired to serve and aspire higher even more. So THANKS!

And to emphasize that thanks, we are having a $1 day for #1, JUST TODAY, TUESDAY, AUGUST 19TH! Yes, that’s just $1 dollar for regular admission today (you can add on experiences like CSI and/or our Extreme Screen for the usual add-on prices).

So come on down and see why COSI is rated #1 in the country. Also, check out the article and the list of other great science centers we are keeping company with—including those from far bigger cities like San Francisco, Boston, New York, and Los Angeles. Who said Columbus can’t rank up with them, at least in comparing science centers?

Did I highlight that WE RANKED #1?!

P.S. When you come to COSI next time (and today’s $1 for #1 is a great day to do that), please congratulate our team members who really earned this top national ranking for us! Or send an e-mail to my president’s office and I’ll make sure to share your congratulations with our team.


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