Posted by: COSI | August 22, 2008

Teen Volunteers Make a Difference

Walking about COSI as I try to do several times a week, I was struck by the engaged cluster of guests around one of our new Science Ala Cart activities, led by a young teen volunteer. I snapped the scene with my camera phone as it reminded me of this great way in which we provide our guests more personal contact while building the skills, talents, and confidence of the many teen volunteers at COSI.

Did you know that COSI has been offering teens volunteer opportunities almost from the first day of operations back in 1964? In fact, our third President & CEO, my dear friend the late Roy Shafer, started out as a volunteer at a very young age to work his way up to a great 12 year run as president!

Our incredible array of quality teens over the years have gone on to be doctors, engineers, educators, museum professionals, and just quality citizens within other fields but having an appreciation for science and technology and how they play a critical role in our society.

Interestingly, as I stop for a quick chat, I often have our teens tell me about another important benefit that you might not consider. Many tell me how they gain confidence in themselves as they have to learn the science and engage our guests like you see in the photos. Do you remember when you were 13 years old? Would you be comfortable engaging strangers in a conversation—much less while pulling them into a science demonstration and explanation!?

I can see how our teens come away with confidence in themselves and their science abilities from our Science Ala Cart experience—just another way in which COSI is helping with our 21st century next generation.

If you know a teen (we start providing programs at age 12) who might be interested and/or benefit from an opportunity to volunteer at COSI, contact Heather Popio, COSI’s Director of Volunteer & Community Resources.

Or if you are already one of our valued volunteers, let’s chat about your experiences.


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