Posted by: COSI | August 29, 2008

What’s All That Orange?

So have you noticed the orange walls at the back of the first floor when you’ve been to COSI recently? What you are seeing are the first steps toward the creation of a new experience here entitled Innovation Showcase.

Did you know that the Xerox technology was honed and made commercial here in Columbus? What about the development of the most sophisticated and controlled insulin injection system? How about a new, simpler technique for excising potentially cancerous moles? Well Battelle, the start-up companies at TechColumbus, and the research going on at places like Ohio State University, Edison Welding Institute (EWI), Abbott Nutrition, and Ashland Chemical (to name a very short few) are building our next generation of products, jobs, and hopefully solutions to some of our most pressing health, energy, transportation, and environmental issues of the day.

The renderings here give you some idea of the concept of the “gallery of innovation” which will include the stories of innovative products and interactives to explore the spirit of innovation—but ultimately it’s the people. We want to connect our public with passion, knowledge, and spirit of the innovation taking place in Central Ohio. In this experience, you will have opportunities to meet the people behind our local research and innovation, understand their careers and backgrounds, and for our teens, see the wealth of possible careers to explore.

I’ll keep you posted on this area as it develops, but you will see the first phase of this changeable platform and the experiences that build on it by early November.


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