Posted by: COSI | September 5, 2008

333 West Broad has more stories to tell

posted by: Kim Kiehl 
Right this moment COSI is a “hot mess.” Carpet is being torn up everywhere, exhibits are being taken out to start construction on our new research labs experience in Life, and paint is going up on walls.

It all takes me back to this time nine years ago when we were finishing this building and just getting ready to open. Love it or hate it, this building has some stories to tell.

For example, the old Central High School part of the building is on the east side while the new part of the building faces west to symbolize the adventurous spirit of the settlers.

The big white walls were designed to “cleanse your palate” after you had been immersed in the action in each exhibition area…an idea that clearly worked better in the architect’s homeland than it does in central Ohio!

The stories of Central High still whisper through our building. The place where the original principal’s door was located was preserved and can be seen inside the east entrance. The stairwell railings show faint marks of graffiti left there years ago. COSI has a number of active Central High Alumni volunteers who keep those stories alive and they will hold their 85th reunion here next May. It is these stories and these kinds of changes that make a house a home and since opening nine years ago we have started to make this house our home and, we hope, your home as well.  When we reopen on September 20 our mess will be cleaned up, new things will be started, and you’ll be able to see the first lines of the next chapter in the story of this great place.  

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