Posted by: COSI | September 16, 2008

Ahh, to be 2 again

posted by Kim Kiehl

I absolutely love two year olds. I have never really understood the phrase “terrible twos” since I think they are amazing. I suppose the fact that they are very much like teenagers in that they want to be independent and are all about asserting themselves is part of the issue, but I find this endearing. We used to think that two year olds were just like adults only smaller and not as verbal. We know now that while they are the same as adults in some ways they are very different from us in the way they think. When you are two rocks really can be alive, that boy that hit you two weeks ago really did hit you just a few minutes ago, and the ant that your mom just accidently stepped on really was your “bestest” friend ever.

It is all new when you are two. Words are new. Ideas are new. People are new. How cool is that? When we designed little kidspace, our area for children under first grade, we tried to keep this wonder in mind and create a place that would bring new surprises every time you visited. Last time you could only crawl up the steps and today…Ta, da…you can walk up them!! Ask a two year old a question and you get honesty…or at least honesty according to them.

I teach Parenting at Ohio State and I tell my students that the year from two to three is the one year where you can see clearly into your child’s brain. They say what they want, what they feel …no fluff, no censoring, no worry. And talk about being able to deal with conflict. A two year can be bitten by another two year old and be hugging them five minutes later. No grudges, no baggage. I often think that we can take a lesson from two year olds. Say what needs to be said without baggage. See the world as new every day. Learn a new idea or try a new experience every day. Be a toddler for the day and see how it feels.


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