Posted by: COSI | September 19, 2008

Wow! What a change!

My wife Dottie and I have been involved in an extensive remodeling project which is now moving toward the year mark. In that process improvement is incremental and you don’t notice as much the day-to-day progress.

So when I came back from taking a two week family break, it was great to be greeted by so much change and progress on so many fronts at COSI. With our Saturday, September 20 reopening of COSI, time pressures have been great and work had gone on rapidly. Kim Kiehl’s earlier blog in my absence had hinted at some of the work, but you can really see the changes that have been underway while COSI has been closed. (It was also great to find a place with electricity as we, like many others, were completely out at home).

I walked around with Kim when I came back to COSI like a little kid at Christmas—every turn had a new treat for my eyes—either in progress or near completion. The new carpeting that will introduce the guest to COSI now sports a solar system theme rotating around our iconic pendulum with its Rose Compass. Our Innovation Showcase infrastructure and first elements are well on their way for their November completion. The Atomic Café is almost totally torn out now with a new wall going up while the construction takes place over the next few months to provide a completely remodeled and upgraded eating and special event area.

And that’s just the first floor!

COSI’s Life exhibit has been reconfigured to allow us to close off the south portion to start building our engaging, glassed in working labs that OSU researchers will work from and engage our guests and members. The Ohio Stem Learning Network (OSLN) has their offices painted and cubicles getting set up as they move their statewide science education network into COSI. And outside a group from the United Way was adding a new “trail” for young parents to help them think about how to best engage their child in the world around them—even on the walk from their car to the doors of COSI!

If you want to check in on some of the photos and fun videos of what’s going on behind the scenes, just check out our Facebook page.

Better yet, stop on in after we reopen to see some of this yourself—while some work will still be underway, you can enjoy what is new like I did on Tuesday. Let us know what you think about the improvements!



  1. I can’t wait to see all of the changes next time I’m in Columbus! It sounds great! Keep up the good work, Dad (and the rest of the COSI team)!

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