Posted by: COSI | November 14, 2008

Gads—is it time again for the next blog!?

I’m preparing for a donor lunch, finance committee meeting, board meeting, a special invite national discussion on education, and I’ve got to think about my blog. There are times as CEO that deadlines that I have little control over essentially fill my calendar regardless of what else I’d like or should be doing.

I’m having fun writing the blog, but this is one of those times I just can’t be as thoughtful and reflective. So it struck me that I’ve got a resource to draw upon for those interested. I’m supposed to be the face and voice of the COSI vision to the community. With all the changes and new COSI experiences in development, our marketing team thought it was helpful to have me tape an introduction to some of these exciting developments. All of a sudden I went from thinking about innovation, experiences and budgets to getting make-up enhancements, “hitting my mark,” and reading a teleprompter.

Then once it was done, I’ve got the embarrassment of having to hear myself (I try not to watch) as I walk people around COSI and the video of myself is projecting out from multiple screens. Boy do you look and sound different than you think! All I can say, and you can judge for yourself, is that a career in film would not have been a good choice for me. 😉 So take a look if you’d like at the video that helps highlight some of our coolest new experiences and partnerships in development.

Now back to my board materials…



  1. Great job showcasing the evolution of COSI and it’s impact in the community through video. Glad to see you and the team building on the foundation that’s been laid so far both structurally and technologically. Who knew you’d be so good camera David!

  2. Dave. I think you did a splendid job for your first time out. Reading cue cards, sounding natural, an excellent script and quality editing make this video interesting and informative. Glad you are following in your little sister’s footsteps :-). It suits you well as does the brown suit and tie.

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