Posted by: COSI | November 19, 2008

Inspiration found in the cold weather

We have several team members who I knew have ridden into work as part of our efforts to have people consider reducing their “carbon footprint” as a lifestyle improvement. And they’ve shared the health and exercise benefits they have enjoyed as well.

I’ve shared my thoughts on my own biking in on the weekends in a previous blog (note- if you go back to the blog you’ll see a very nice, sunny, mild day in the video).

What I love, though, is how new team members are joining in already tuned into this approach. I was walking into work from the parking lot as these mornings have gotten cold and blustery and there was someone locking their bike up in front of COSI! I’d seen the individual before but had not met. I went over, holding my coat against the cold wind, as the biker finished removing helmet and such to go into work. That’s when I met Adrian French who is one of our new team members who bikes in from the east part of town, even on these cold mornings. Adrian shared the path he takes winding along city streets and how he gets here in about half an hour. He shared how he enjoys the exercise and seemed totally undaunted by the weather.

Adrian French riding his bike to work at COSI

Adrian French riding his bike to work at COSI

(Meanwhile, I wimped out on Sunday riding my bike against the cold wind—I rationalized to myself I had too much time needed at the office and I had to get back home in time to finish plumbing our new bathroom. Well, plus with the remodeling I wasn’t quite sure where my cold weather biking duds and gloves were, plus I’ve had this knee problem and….. You get the point—rationalizing wimp 😉

So it’s great to see hardier souls than I join our team and just naturally embrace the behavior of walking the talk on environmental considerations that COSI is striving for. And now I really feel guilty for driving in on Sunday! Maybe I can find those winter biking gloves for this weekend….


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