Posted by: COSI | December 1, 2008

A little rivalry with Tom Rieland

My wife Dottie keeps threatening me that she’s going to separate Tom Rieland and I when we are seated at events together (usually joking around with each other more than she considers respectable for our positions ;-). What can I say, Tom’s become one of my best friends since coming to Columbus and guys comfortable with one another do have a tendency to regress a bit.

We get our opportunities because Rieland has been kind enough to include me in many WOSU events to help me meet people–and that has also given our wives Carol (Tom’s wife) and my Dottie a chance to get to know one another as well. (But they behave when together to contrast Tom and myself).

Tom Reiland, WOSU General Manager

Tom Rieland, WOSU General Manager

The photo you see here is actually taken at one of Tom’s fun fundraisers, Chefs in the City (I think that’s the name). We were playing around with our respective phones and I finally stumbled onto how to add a photo to my contact list in my Palm. So Tom’s visage was the first of my incoming phone calls to show face.

Tom and my kidding around also incorporates some guy type competition—usually exercised in verbal ribbing. My blogging has been one of the challenge points. However, Tom has finally picked up the gauntlet. So he’s finally on board —and kicking my butt with the quality of his blogs. Now I know why he’s a professional journalist and I’m not. Check out his blog for yourself—it’s fun reading!


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