Posted by: COSI | December 12, 2008

Can I Still Talk?

I was sweating bullets yesterday as I was preparing to go on stage at the Columbus Museum of Art. I should have been focused on the script, thanking donors, congratulating the team on this neat partnership the art museum and COSI had put together around our complimentary Egypt exhibits in 2009. Instead I was worrying about how this mouthful of hardware that I just had installed yesterday would impair my ability to speak without being self conscious.

Speaking in front of a public crowd is always a bit nerve wracking for me. I’ve had some times, most notably when I was teaching or during a period of time when Apple Computer had me conducting national seminars on educational use of computers (AppleWorks primarily for those who remember those days), that I seemed to get into a groove. I’m still struggling to get that groove back, and throwing braces top and bottom and retainer into my mouth hasn’t helped my confidence level. (Thank goodness the retainer is removable for important presentations like today).

BTW—the braces aren’t for vanity at my age. With both parents going through extensive oral and dental procedures, I’ve responded to my dentist’s strong suggestions that getting my crammed teeth straightened out will help in keeping them healthy. Or is this just a way that the dental/orthodontic community has figured to open up a whole new age group –the baby boomers–as clients! 😉

Anyway, I’ll let you judge for yourself from the little video if my looks or speech look as impaired as I was feeling today.

Also can check out the article in today’s Columbus Dispatch about the partnership.


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