Posted by: COSI | December 16, 2008

The best gift you can give

Me & Dottie

Me & Dottie

My wife Dottie is one of my heroes. Not only did she sacrifice her career for our three girls and supporting mine, but after her father’s death from cancer she became an Apheresis donor. I thought of her special gift as we just recently had a blood drive at COSI.

Our team did a great job, with 32 donors, such as Joan seen in the picture.

Joan Harless, COSI Team Member giving blood

Joan Harless, COSI Team Member giving blood

I’ve been remiss in giving blood regularly so I took advantage of the opportunity and made my donation—fairly easy for me as I’ve got veins that stick out like little ropes. Which takes me back to Dottie. She has undergone Apheresis for years knowing that the donation she gives would help people like her father when he was battling cancer. She gets hooked up with each arm for about a 2 hour spell that collects a larger amount of just plasma in the process. Bless her—I’m lucky if I can sit still for 15 minutes with one arm tied down—which is why it’s good that my blood flows out like faucet 😉 I can even smile as you see in my picture.

Me at the COSI Blood Drive

Me at the COSI Blood Drive

But people like Dottie make that extra effort to support others in a quiet, but critically needed fashion. In this season of giving those are probably the best type of gifts out there.

I’d encourage you to take a look at this for yourself. I understand our American Red Cross is one of the bigger blood processing centers in the country—they have to get it from somewhere! They have a good website –even has an excellent overview of blood and your body in the little section “about blood” – I still learned from reading it.


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