Posted by: COSI | January 2, 2009

Happy Science New Year!

Written by Kim Kiehl, Senior VP and CSO at COSI

Happy New Year! Hard to believe that here we are at the start of a new year again. While I am sure that you are thinking about the coming year in terms of your own resolutions and issues, I want you to spend a couple minutes thinking about how science has affected your life across the past year. Many of us, me included, sometimes think of science as that subject in school that we did not quite get into or as something that people do in a lab, but not as something that relates to our daily life. In reality, science is all around us.

For some of the coolest findings in science from last year check out this website from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Here they tell you about ten of the favorite and most popular stories from their ScienceNow news from 2008…all presented in very readable English, no worries. You can also download it as a podcast if you prefer. These stories include one about a “superfrog” discovered in Cameroon (goes nicely with our upcoming Frogs exhibit that opens this month), how our brains made the leap to being able to use tools, and how a lizard is like a motorcycle—with a very fun video that goes with it. While these stories may not obviously relate to your everyday life you will have to admit that they are cool and pretty amazing.

Overall, this is what science is about…the wonder of figuring out how things work and what makes the world behave the way it does. Asking questions and searching for answers is a skill that we all use every day. How do you decide which Google sites have the real information? How do you figure out what to eat and how much to exercise? How can you change your life to be sure that your children have a world to live in that is as clean and healthy as the one you grew up in? These questions are all answered by science and in 2009 COSI will be bringing you information about both the answers to these questions and the science behind them as we open the Labs In Life research labs and the Lily Pad watershed exhibits, In addition, we have already unveiled our Innovation Showcase where we highlight some of the coolest new products out there…all depending on science to make them reality.

Make a resolution this year to pay attention to the science news that is happening all around you every day. Talk to your kids and your friends about it. The ScienceNow newsletter is one good place to start…the last four weeks of news is available to everyone without having to subscribe. And my personal favorite way to stay connected is through SEED magazine…a trendy, easy to read, and absolutely fascinating magazine that talks about science and real scientists in ways that all of us can not only understand but that we can really get in to as well. You’ve heard people say that 50 is the new 30 in terms of age; in 2009, let’s make Science the new American Idol!


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