Posted by: COSI | January 9, 2009

National Attention to Museums-We’ve Hit Big Time Coverage!

The American Association of Museums (AAM) is the “big daddy” of museum associations in the U.S. Thousands of museums and museum professionals from across the field—art, history, science, natural history and the many more varieties—are active in AAM. Having run museums with all the just listed disciplines, I’ve been involved with AAM for years—the association even co-sponsored by doctoral research on museum-community partnerships.

Yet, for all the connections, I’ve been frustrated for years that AAM was not more proactive in helping connect the values of museums with the broader public. That was until AAM came under the new leadership of Ford Bell. Ford has been a whirlwind of activity and new ideas and comes from this unique background of being both a scientist and a member of a family that has a museum named after them.

Well, AAM, under Ford’s leadership has forged this great partnership with National Public Radio (NPR) to develop this great series exploring museums, their connection and value to our society, and the challenges they face. I’d encourage you to at least sample some of the broadcasts. If you don’t listen regularly to NPR, you can connect to the series through this web link. Enjoy, they are fascinating stories—even for someone like me who has been living much of this for several decades.


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