Posted by: COSI | January 15, 2009

O – H…..C-O-S-I

posted by Kim Kiehl

Last Friday night COSI hosted our annual OSU open house Friday night. This event, sponsored by the Ohio Union Activities Board as a way for students, staff, and faculty to spend time together in a fun and relaxing setting, has been happening at COSI for the last several years. We open the doors at 7 pm on a Friday night and keep the building open until midnight and buses run back and forth between the university and COSI all night long. It is always a ton of fun and this year was no exception.

As we opened the doors people began pouring in…literally. By the end of the first hour we had over 1500 people in the building and they kept coming. It was great to see students dancing to the music provided by the DJ in the Atrium right next to faculty, staff and their children. I also got to see old friends as well as current and past students…I still teach at OSU every quarter since leaving my fulltime faculty position there nine years ago…so as I sat at the guest service desk many of them came to say hi and to tell me what a good time they were having. Best of all it was great to see so many people having so much fun all over our building. By the end of the evening over 6000 people (and one dog) had come in for some fun! The line for the high wire unicycle snaked around the corner and the movies were completely full for every showing. This is why COSI is here and it was fabulous.

But the highlight of the evening had to be when Dr. Gee showed up unexpectedly! img00012As casually as can be he strolled in the front door and was immediately mobbed by students. It was like Bon Jovi had entered the building and it stayed that way the entire hour he was here. He patiently had his picture taken over and over and over….talked to students, faculty, and staff and to anyone who was interested. And the best part is that it was absolutely genuine…every person knew that he was interested in them and what they had to say. img00015

This evening is only one piece of the OSU footprint at COSI. It began with the Center for Family Research moving in, then WOSU and now the Labs in Life that are about to open. In addition we do a lot of special days together including the upcoming Polar Days and Nanotech weekend. O-H-I-O-C-O-S-I…it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


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