Posted by: COSI | January 21, 2009

Steeler Fan in Space

The earliest photos of our new granddaughter Leah has the Pittsburgh Steelers emblem on my shirt in the background. It’s no wonder that Leah for Christmas a few days later got her first Steelers outfit with which to watch the games with her Steelers fan mother. (Although Kimberly says that Leah gets too stimulated taking in the world around her—especially an exciting Steelers game—so she’s not been converted to an observing fan yet) 😉

So all of us in the Chesebrough extended family, spread across four states, were watching and cheering as the Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game. However, I may have been the only one who noted the special connection with one of the “news” pieces that was interjected during the game.
They TV coverage came to a spot where they were talking about the fact that there are even Steeler fans in space—and there was astronaut Mike Fincke, my former student at Sewickley Academy, doing acrobatics with the Terrible Towel in the International Space Station!

I’ve always said that you never know what inspires a youth—one of the reasons we’re extending our work with teens here at COSI. Mike, though, was already a self-driven individual when I had the pleasure to work with him. It’s great to see him fulfilling his dream to be an astronaut—even being the space station commander this time. Even more fun seeing him catch international limelight as a Steeler fan in space!
Have fun checking out the story and pictures here.



  1. From one Steeler fan to another – great story – plus my daughter is a true space geek and the blog from Mike was great – I am sending her the link to the ISS video.

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