Posted by: COSI | January 23, 2009

Science Centers & Our National Needs

barakTuesday, regardless of your political views, was an important day in our nation’s history. I see where the change with our new President and the goals he has expressed relate strongly to COSI, our mission, and our work ahead.

COSI opened in 1964 in part due to the call upon the nation for improved science and math performance and a workforce of engineers and scientists by another young president, and we’ve again heard a young president call upon all of us during a time of a challenge.

I was profoundly impacted in a personal way at that time and my course through life, landing me here at COSI, has been influenced all along the way by John F. Kennedy’s call for action and service and the enhanced opportunities for me to follow my interest in science and math. I believe a whole new generation can be impacted in the same way now.

Barack Obama Rally at Genoa ParkOnce again science and technology are key to helping solve the problems facing us as a country and a shared planet. Once again there are calls for improved student interest and performance in science and math, a scientifically skilled workforce, and a scientifically literate society to debate and understand the changes were being asked to take on for our mutual benefit.

I believe there has never been a time that science centers like COSI, performing to the fullest of our abilities and potential, have been so important.

I thought of this when President Obama, then a candidate, had a rally at Genoa Park right in front of COSI historic entrance facing the city. (A few photos capture the energy of the crowd, the stunning setting in front of COSI, and the special attention to security on the COSI roof—it was an interesting day to say the least).

sharpshoots-on-cosi-roof2Then and now, President Obama spoke of the need to regain our international leadership in part by tapping our science, technology and innovation skills and infrastructure to show the world how to address challenges like global climate change, and in doing so strengthen our own economy with new industries. We know at COSI, that our audiences have said loud and clear, that they see Energy and Environment as the top topics they would like to see COSI being more active in, and soon. We’re incorporating those interests squarely into our planning.

Our country has its challenges, our work at COSI is aligned with our nation’s and community’s needs, and our board is solidly behind us. I’m enthused as we continue our planned enhancements that they will not just strengthen COSI, but have a positive impact in an important way within our community and nation.


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