Posted by: COSI | January 27, 2009

Wow!! Construction Progress in OSU/COSI Labs

I’ve had a long relationship with remodeling, renovations and such.My dad’s house where I grew up, and he still lives, has been in a continual state of remodeling since we moved in around 1960 and I remember long hours giving a hand as a youth (grudgingly I’ll admit).

To help get myself through college, when I wasn’t running to fulfill my scholarship or working in the gas station next to Pittsburgh’s old Forbes Field, I painted houses—always getting the worst ones in horrible shape. Why those, often forcing me to stand at the top of a 40 foot ladder to reach the peak of some hillside perched old home? Because the professionals were smart enough to understand the excessive work needed on them in scraping and repairing before you could even pull out the paintbrush.

Dottie and I have lived through several major home remodeling projects, and to show how I’m a slow learner, we’re now moving into the start of Year 2 of remodeling on our Columbus home—ground down to a crawl since we’ve moved the contractor out and we’re finishing much of the painting, plastering, installing bathrooms, etc. (Hey—we’re grandparents now—when do you get too old for this stuff!?)

So I’m well aware of the length of time a project is all dust, dirt, skeleton, noise and barely a resemblance to what the finished product is to look like. But I still got a personal wow! reaction when I last walked behind the construction doors into the Labs in Life area. That’s the project where three OSU research labs are being relocated/co-located to COSI to expand our Life exhibition interactivity and relevance, while connecting our audiences with real, ongoing research they can understand with energetic and personable researchers.

With paint and glass and structure getting completed the space is really starting to look like the impressive renderings – in an amazing close proximity to what’s on paper.

We’re planning with our OSU researchers and partners for a spring opening—but here’s a behind the scenes video that gives you a quick glimpse at how the labs are shaping up. (You just can’t see the Scarlet and Grey carpet yet under the protective cardboard—but it’s there! ;-))


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