Posted by: COSI | February 6, 2009

Social Media for COSI

Guest Post by Kim Kiehl

I spent last night at the TechColumbus Innovation Awards. Sitting there with at least a thousand of the most cutting edge tech people in Columbus has always been humbling to me in the past but last night I felt more connected to them as COSI is venturing down the tech path in our own ways these days. One of these ways is through our use of social media—both internally as a way to communicate and externally as a way to be connected to you. We were just featured on the Museums 2.0 blog talking about how we are using social media in the daily life of COSI.

I admit it…I am addicted to Facebook, I read more than two blogs a day, and I love Yammer, our internal social media tool. I use Blackberry Messenger and am seriously considering Twitter, although I am not sure I need one more thing to look at. Contrary to what you might think, looking at and using all this social media has not made me less productive. In fact, it has not only made me more productive but has made me feel more connected as well. I think ultimately this is the beauty of this kind of technology. In a world where it is easy to become separated and isolated this kind of media brings people together. It does this for COSI as well. Our use of social media makes us more connected to our community and to individuals within our community. It helps us know what others are thinking and feeling and shares with them our own thoughts, ideas and questions. It reveals our vulnerable sides as we “talk” through challenges and questions, making us more human and less institutional.

twitterWhile I know this use of social media is a way of life for my kids, I am surprised at how quickly it has become a way of life for me as well. I love feeling connected to people I don’t see all the time. I love knowing what others are doing when I read Facebook status updates…I think this is the same reason that reality shows on TV have become so popular, ultimately we are interested in what others are doing, it is part of being human. For COSI we want our use of social media to be a connector…something that makes us more human to you and that brings us together toward a common goal.

Go read the article about our work on Museums 2.0 and let us know what you think.

Follow us on Twitter and add the COSI Facebook page to your Facebook page. And feel free to send me a friend request on Facebook as well….you can never have too many friends!


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