Posted by: COSI | February 18, 2009

Science Museums as Backdrop For the Future

As a member of the board for the International Association of Science-Technology Centers I’ve been in more and more conversations in the last year about the alignment between the strengths and purpose of science museums and the needs of our country, and indeed our global society.

At COSI we’ve identified four areas of focus that are key in importance to our community—both from need and from local resources—Health & Medicine, Technology and Innovation, Energy & Environment, and as a foundational priority Early Childhood Education. We are enacting a plan to highlight the innovation and opportunities in these topic areas and leverage our partnerships for more public understanding and inspiration.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

So when I saw President Obama select the Denver Museum of Nature and Science as the setting for the signing of the stimulus bill I was thrilled with the symbolism and the statement he was helping to make. Staying out of any personal politics about the bill, I was thrilled that a science museum was seen as an appropriate location to make a point of critical importance to our country.

Science centers/museums like the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and COSI are working hard to help the public understand critical issues that have a scientific and technology base to them. Plus, as with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, their own commitment to “walking the talk” while informing their visitors about the possibilities with, and importance of, renewable energy sources is important.

And I’d like to note that their solar array is both substantial and made possible through a partnership and the support of a number of community businesses and organizations. And it is great that the President, who has spoken often of the importance of science and a scientifically competent workforce and literate society, sees the proper setting for his signing being at an exemplar science museum. I hope the symbolism and message is one that we at COSI and our science center friends around the world can continue to build upon.

George Sparks and his team at the museum are doing a great job in Denver at an institution that I’ve visited and enjoyed. If you want to see the information about the Denver museum’s solar array, just click here.


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