Posted by: COSI | March 3, 2009

Real Science, Real Inspiration

We’ve been staking part of our future on the strength of our ability to add to the experiences at COSI and to positively impact science understanding by partnering with researchers. Many youth (and adults) will share how inspired they became about a topic by talking with the real scientist, engineer, doctor, etc. who was working in an area of interest.

This weekend we conducted another experiment in this realm by partnering with Ohio State University and Miami University of Ohio. We had researchers, their scientific and exploration equipment set up in our atrium from Byrd Polar Research Center and the Miami University Cryobiology Laboratory.

Researchers had specimens, videos, pictures and 3-D pictures to help you understand the fascinating environment at the Antarctic. The Byrd Polar researchers have created one of the top group of researchers and data to help monitor and explain our global change. They even had of one the ice cores from the tests they did with their drill before shipping it off to Antarctica that visitors could touch and examine–that was cool in both senses of the term!

The Miami University researchers shared the incredible adaptations that creatures at the Antarctic and elsewhere have made to extreme cold. Did you know there are even some frogs that can survive being frozen solid, then thawed and hop back off!? As the researchers explained, learning better how the creatures adapt might lead to success in freezing organs so that more could be saved to help the many transplant patients waiting for a heart or kidney. Go to their website at to explore more.

In the entrance lobby we had the Eco-Car from OSU’s Center for Automotive Research (cutely known as CAR). Students who had been working on modifying an existing automobile–swapping engines, adding electric motors and batteries, adding controls–were there to enthusiastically talk about their work and aspirations.

Giving exposure to the researchers and their research seemed to be positively seen–I’m interested in seeing the data we collected from a sampling of our audiences.

Some rough video will give you a little look at what the day was like:



  1. This is amazing collaboration in practice! it’s great to see and deeply inspiring! thanks for all that you do to facilitate these opportunities.

    Sending positive creative energy!

  2. Deeply appreciate the encouragement for our team.

    This is all part of us becoming more of a relationship and partnership based organization.

    It’s good to know that the transition to a center of science where we are not only offering the great experiences that our team creates, but provide opportunities for our guests, members, and program participants to meet real scientists, engineers, medical professionals, etc. is being watched and applauded–and it’s great if we can inspire others with our efforts.

    Thanks for your comment!

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