Posted by: COSI | March 11, 2009

Our Role in Education

Post by Kim Kiehl:

I have been listening with great interest to both Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and to the President as they talk about the changes that need to happen in education in this country. At both levels they are talking about early childhood education, teacher preparation, standards, and innovation in education.

While you may think that all this talk only relates to schools, I think places like COSI have a role in all this change as well. Education is not something that just happens for six hours a day at school but is something that happens all day, every day. COSI is already working to improve all of the areas that elected officials are talking about and we intend to continue to do this work.

Let me give you a couple examples….we offer workshops for children that start when children are infants and carry them all the way through starting school. These workshops are less about content and more about the joy of learning and the wonder of discovery. 21209-taste-of-science-k-workshop-pm-14

We offer sessions for teachers to help them improve their skills in the classroom and to increase their understanding of different content. Finally, we are partnered with the Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN) to work with the innovative STEM high schools that are starting across the state and bringing new ways of learning to children from all backgrounds and communities.

There is no doubt that education is being looked at and I hope that it is in for a massive change. I worry that the entire system, from early childhood through post secondary education, needs to change. We know that education works best when students are motivated and inspired but that the current system leaves little room for either. I think the possibilities are exciting and I truly believe that in order to change the system places like COSI have to be part of the solution rather than simply leaving it to the schools, teachers and administrators.

Take some time and read both our Governor’s plans and our President’s plans and see what you think. I’d love to hear from you about how you think we can play a role as well….I’m sure many of you have a great idea that we haven’t thought of yet!


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