Posted by: COSI | March 16, 2009

Arts, Culture, and Science

I believe there tends to be way too much debate as to the position and interplay, or not, between the terms and meaning of “arts”, “culture”, and “science”.

There are many scientists I know (including one Nobel Laureate) who are artists in their own right, or who see the discovery and innovative processes of science not unlike that of art. So to some the two worlds of Art and Science don’t live as far apart as some would put forth. (Don’t they both help us make meaning of the world around us?)

mobileCOSI has a surprising amount of art on display within and outside of the facility, much of it being a creative blend of art and science aspects (like our new mobile in the Innovation Showcase area).

And of course some have said that the COSI structure is an award winning example of building art/architecture. But calling COSI an “arts” institution wouldn’t pass muster with many people. That’s why I prefer the term cultural when not calling us out as a science center. In fact SEED magazine, focused on the 21st changes being driven by science, even comes at their work from their presumption that Science Is Culture in our time.

COSI Building with Columbus, Ohio in the background

COSI Building with Columbus, Ohio in the background

Whatever you want to make of the arts, culture, science glossary, we loved that the Greater Columbus Arts Council chose again to hold their annual luncheon here last week. Having the cultural community all represented at COSI, including some fun focus on the arts, is a great way to put some of the vocabulary debate away.

So how do you feel about the use of the word “cultural” as a more inclusive title for the major organizations in town?


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