Posted by: COSI | March 27, 2009

Can Guitar Hero Make It At COSI?

I’m writing this at 5:15 pm in anticipation of the 6:00 pm start to our first ever Guitar Hero contest. Our earlier attempt in another version didn’t pan out. (I think we were doing it adult only, now it’s for 13 year olds and up.)
This is one of those phenomena that have passed me by. My sons-in-law are big into this and I’ve bumbled my way around on the guitar at their houses and can see some of the fun qualities. I just keep hearing how big this is.
Will it translate over to COSI? Can we use these types of events to engage more teens and younger adults?
Don’t know, so that’s why I’m hanging around tonight to watch this. We have 32 people of the 60 slots signed up—no idea if the others will materialize.
Do you think we should be adding these broader experiences to what we do at COSI? Do you think we have a chance at success?
Are there other activities you think we should be trying? We’re not afraid of falling on our face—we’re all about experimenting—that’s at the core of science! 😉 )



  1. I’ll be curious how your second foray into Guitar Hero works out.

    You might also like to consider the “Wii Hacking” work of Johnny Lee as an activity for teens and younger adults:

  2. I have 3 sons that are really into Guitar Hero. 2 are working tonight & the 3rd said he was going to try to be there. I checked the TwitPics, but am not seeing anything. I hope you will consider posting some of the contest photos on your site later.

  3. I had a great time at the event last night. Thanks for having me there to help judge! Overall I thought the event went really well, the attendance and participation was pretty impressive, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. I think there were a few hiccups (long run time, judges not really having much to judge, etc) but those are things that can easily be tweaked for next time!

    Looking forward to seeing COSI do this again!

  4. Sounds like something we can build on! Thanks for the comments and Walker thanks for your assistance that evening!

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