Posted by: COSI | March 30, 2009

Creating Energy

guitar-hero-in-atriumSo, who would have thought that Guitar Hero would catch hold so quickly at COSI. In my last blog I expressed my inability to predict our success as we tried this experiment. Well, last Friday we ended up with a full slate of contestants and even had to turn some away. Nothing like rock music to lift the energy level at COSI!

Folks were into it up ‘til midnight (we now know how long it takes to run 50+ contestant through a guitar hero contest! ;-). We did learn a lot about hosting these types of events.

And we had 2000 people here that evening alone who seemed to enjoy the different kind of activity—I guess I shouldn’t underestimate the ability for us to explore programming more broadly. The media certainly liked the event.

The guitar hero contest was their website editor’s choice on Saturday and scored a big photo in the Saturday paper—cool! You can catch the Dispatch shots at this link.

I guess will be looking at a return event in the future. What other types of events would you suggest we consider?


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