Posted by: COSI | April 15, 2009

3 ring circus day @COSI

These are the kind of days where I feel COSI is really starting to hum with our vision.

It’s a drizzly, cold day during spring break for the Columbus schools, among some others, and we have several thousand families, couples and kids adding a high energy to the atmosphere. We have a number of school and organizational groups enjoying their educational field trip. One group was a caravan of 5 buses from a school in Kentucky!

We have a partner school and member families filling the rooms in the old Central High with hands-on programs led by our team members. Our teens have been growing in numbers and skills and they are filling the halls and stage with demos—run by the teen volunteers just like in the early days of COSI
And Senator Sherrod Brown, working with Battelle Memorial Institute with a U.S. Department of Energy representative held a standing room only “town hall” meeting on the stimulus funds focusing on moving our nation’s energy agenda forward. Our good friends in WOSU@COSI squeezed the town hall meeting in ahead of their special event tomorrow night.

Having COSI, with our WOSU partner, convening important community conversations, is a growing added role for us that takes advantage of our special assets and partnerships.

jeff-wadsworth-at-sen-brown-eventThe photo is of Dr. Jeff Wadsworth, the new President & CEO of Battelle, opening up the meeting. And he very nicely called out our strong partnership with Battelle of inspiring and informing youth and the public about science and technology issues and careers.

Public, schools, programs, community convening—all taking place simultaneously. Yes, it’s a good day here at COSI 😉


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