Posted by: COSI | April 16, 2009

Can You See Us Now?

New COSI Sign located on the corner of Broad Street & Washington Blvd.

New COSI sign located on the corner of Broad Street & Washington Blvd.

I think the idea of improved signage for COSI came from several directions over a few years.

For me the “aha” moment came when my wife Dottie and I stayed overnight at the Doubletree Inn across the river with a great look at COSI from the room. And I realized that not a single COSI sign was readable from a distance. The guests in our town, the workers in all the big buildings looking directly at our location, and anyone driving on Broad from downtown wouldn’t have a clue what this big facility was.

We needed something big and bold.

We were fortunate to successfully appeal for state funds to help us transform COSI from being a science center to center of science for the community with many partners sharing our facility.  New signage would be needed.

Our creative team did a good job putting forth some concepts for approval. Then something happened I’ve never experienced before with getting signage approval.

The approving body sent it back wanting the signage to be bigger and more over the top. (I’ve always seen them pushing back to mute a design). The message I heard was that the signage needed to be “more COSI“.  Our brand of fun, interactive and playful was clearly on their mind.

So with all the challenges of state contracts, approvals, etc., but with good friends in the Ohio Cultural Facility Commission guiding us through, the signage was finally moving forward.

And then I waited. And waited. No one’s fault–just takes time to get the foundation laid, wiring run, etc.

So yesterday I was thrilled to see trucks and signage elements outside in the rain with the COSI letters starting to go up, but it wasn’t done when I left.

So I had to go out today to take a good look at the full COSI up and to take the picture you see.


There is more to come!

In the meantime–enjoy the new sign elements greeting you from downtown.

What do you think about what you see so far?



  1. How festive!

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