Posted by: COSI | April 30, 2009

It’s Hopping Here—But Hey, We’re Closed!

I get frustrated to some degree that some people still have the perception that COSI has sections shut down, is closed often, and generally we’re rattling around in all this extra space.

That may have been the situation some years ago. But I can’t believe how much progress we’re making on the “center of science” concept where other partners have space and activities here, the community and corporations have events here, and our team is learning more and more how to use our big facility flexibly.

Small Business Forum

Small Business Forum

Just Monday and Tuesday there was so much activity going on it was easy to forget that those were days that we were closed to the public—but open to many other activities. Monday we were going by 7:00 am with the Columbus 2009 Small Business Forum and Expo with breakout sessions going on in a wide number of our meeting rooms.

Tuesday there was a line to the door when I came in from The Empleos and Employment Job Fair, with booths and people filling the atrium and spilling over into other areas well into the afternoon.

Job Fair in COSI Atrium

Job Fair in COSI Atrium

And of course our Metro School students here during the day as they are every school day followed by our Miracle-Gro Capital Scholars for their afternoon sessions which keeps our Central High School Exploration Space filled with teens. Our OSU researchers and their grad and undergrad students continue to set up in their new research space in our Life exhibit, and more.

So does that sound like empty?

So if I could just do a better job of informing folks about all that goes on here—well, maybe the blog will help.


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