Posted by: COSI | May 1, 2009

They’re All A Twitter On Our Sign

Amazes me how something as “simple” as a new sign can get people’s attention (hey—maybe that’s why signs evolved!) 😉

Broad & Washington (Day)

Broad & Washington (Day)

And actually, the new COSI signs that people are starting to tweet about and such were not really simple. Our team had to do a lot of design work, contract bids, design revisions, etc. to get the new signs out there. But you clearly can’t miss that this big building is COSI as you are coming down Broad or looking down from one of the tall buildings bordering the Scioto. And it’s great to see our “center of science” concept reinforced with all the partners starting to emerge on the new Belle and Broad parking sign.

We do have to adjust to how you design for an LED sign—it’s definitely not like designing for paper/print advertising as we’ve been testing it out. Our crack team will master it though.

Check out these pictures as the sign was going up and being tested yesterday—night and day!

Broad & Belle (Day)

Broad & Belle (Day)

Broad & Washington (Night)

Broad & Washington (Night)

Broad & Belle (Night)

Broad & Belle (Night)


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