Posted by: COSI | May 5, 2009

Why Jack Hanna and I Do What We Do

Both the Columbus Zoo and COSI have had the distinction recently of being named #1 in pertinent national rankings. Jeff Swanagan, the impressive new Zoo Director, and I have talked about the fact that we need to jointly leverage our shared #1 designations more.

So the Columbus Zoo, COSI, and Experience Columbus had Jack Hanna here at COSI for some joint photo shoots. I was startled to find out on Jack’s blog that he was “scared” to be suspended on our high wire unicycle that I get a great kick out of. This is the guy that’s holding all sorts of wild animals and critters that would send shivers up my spine to even be near!

So, I’m glad Jack hasn’t called on me to reciprocate with a photo op at the Zoo 😉 —and I know why he’s doing what he’s doing. I’m enjoying my job with high wire rides comfortable in my solid trust in the law of physics!

Jack Hanna on COSI Unicycle

Jack Hanna on COSI Unicycle


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