Posted by: COSI | May 13, 2009

The Butterflies Are Back

I used to have a lot of anxiousness before running my races—the old butterflies in the stomach thing. I’ve got them back.

We’ve been working almost since the first days I came three years ago to move a concept along of building and operating research labs of public interest in COSI. Dr. Kim Kiehl, our Sr. VP had spent years before that laying the foundational work. We’ve invested a significant amount of money and management focus into this project, along with OSU, our partner.

So finally, this is the big week as we open up Labs in Life, working OSU research labs at COSI—the first project of its kind in a science center as far as we can tell. Labs_Panorama3a

A VIP event tonight co-hosted with President Gee, media event Friday and public opening on Saturday (all with help from President Gee and OSU). I guess my anxiousness is whether folks are going to see this as a significant an enhancement to what we are able to do around connecting with ongoing “real” science and research.  Will we be able to leverage the health, exercise, and nutrition topics with the OSU Labs for better public experiences and impact? Will people care to talk and connect with researchers and their work?

Usually the butterflies led to a better race—I hope they are signaling a successful roll out for the labs!
Are you interested in engaging with real research? Would you go up to labs to interact with researchers in health, sports, and exercise?



  1. The idea of having actual research conducted at the museum is fantastic. Seeing a display and/or having a COSI volunteer/staffer tell me about scientific research and how it’s performed is one thing.

    Taking the traditional presentation and couple that with the ability to actually see this work being performed is a great idea. It would give kids a view into the real world of scientific research that is more than what they can get by watching the Discovery networks or Science Channel. Having working labs inside the walls of COSI just makes sense.

    I would love my kids to have a chance to become engaged in some level of scientific inquiry in a COSI-based lab.

  2. […] where physical activity research will be conducted. Opens tomorrow, May 16. [COSI Columbus and Chez Says via TechLife […]

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