Posted by: COSI | May 20, 2009

Sometimes there is even more fun behind the scenes @COSI

Just had friends in from out of town and introduced them to COSI. He goes back to my Buffalo days as a fellow cultural leader and remarked as to how much fun I must have working here. Ken also noted the level of activity and energy here too—all comments that I accepted with pleasure.

But one of the parts which is the most fun is behind the scenes during times like now as the Lost Egypt exhibition is assembled. This new exhibition our team has worked so long on has some very fascinating and engaging technology aspects. However, what is less usual for the exhibitions we have had are the rare objects and specimens which are a key part of the storyline.
Our mummy “Annie” and the technology that has been used to unlock the mystery around her is a core part of the experience. And “Annie” was still being worked on by the conservator, Mimi, right up to the last minute.

Mummy Conservation

Mummy Conservation

Artifact Preparation

Artifact Preparation

So I was able to go down to the secure (and guarded) conservation area where the work was being conducted by Mimi Leveque from the Peabody Essex museum while the other curator was helping unpack and put on display the other artifacts.

Watching the delicate conservation work and gazing up close at the carefully mummified remains of this slight young woman pulled from the Nile 2200 years ago was another way in which I find fun working here.


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