Posted by: COSI | June 19, 2009

Walking (Biking?) the Talk

I’m getting back “on the seat” on biking as a substitute for driving (although I’m on bike #2 after a Columbus pothole on Lane destroyed my front wheel and tire on my primary bike). Biking makes even more sense now that 315 is such a confusing situation. I swapped out a 24 mile drive to a meeting with a bike ride to Worthington—just glad there was an outside porch where we could meet 😉

I saw lots of folks heading in on the bike trail as I was heading out—seems like the Bike to Work effort has had some sticking power.

Getting back to work, I saw the progress we’re making on the Rain Garden in front of COSI. This is moving us forward in showcasing more good practice related to the environment—something we’re working on expanding at COSI.

A rain garden addresses the problem that too much of the water that hits our roofs or paved surfaces flows rapidly into what has become an inadequate sewer system, taking pollutants with it into our watershed. Our rain garden, thanks to the support of the Columbus Foundation, will help illustrate how water can be captured and allowed to percolate back into the ground in a much more environmentally friendly fashion. It also serves to function as a catch basin for one of our roof sections. You can get a sense of the formation COSI’s rain garden in this video I shot:

It is also great to see the creativity of our team to plan the work on the rain garden at the same time as our Big Machines special activities. I love seeing our effort to be more systemic coming forth!



  1. Thank you for share.

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