Posted by: COSI | June 25, 2009

Love those colorful cheerios!

When I joined the COSI team a bit over 3 years ago there was a certain sterility to the seemingly acres of white wall spaces in our big facility. Maybe it’s because I painted houses as one of the ways to pay my way through college, but I’ve always been a big believer in the power of a little paint. Those walls have been begging for color since I stepped foot in our building.

You first saw color added highlighting the pendulum as you come into the building. Now I’m thrilled to see the next steps of our wayfinding program manifesting themselves in the stair and elevator entrances. And in the process, we’re re-invigorating the COSI “O’s”, or cheerios as we call them internally. Hope you enjoy the colorations and the cheerios. What other visual augmentation would you suggest we add?

New paint in the stairwells

New paint in the stairwells



  1. I think the painting makes a big difference. It makes the place feel much more alive.

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