Posted by: COSI | July 14, 2009

Scientists Love Us

Coming down the hallway yesterday in our offices I ran into and was introduced to Dr. Sarah Parcak — but I recognized her right away.  She’s one of the featured scientists in our Lost Egypt exhibition.  We had taken special care to identify archaeologists who were doing both cool work (she uses satellite photography to help identify potentially hidden archeological features) and who were accessible and approachable.  We were also interested in helping girls see themselves as scientists.

Dr. Parcak is both the real deal and a model for the type of scientist we want to feature.  Her research work blending high tech with ancient secrets (and in other work modern challenges), her energetic personality and young looks, and her easy style all made her a great addition to our experiences at COSI.

She traveled from her research “home base” at the University of Alabama at Birmingham to join us for a long weekend—spending time with our Lost Egypt overnight, being in the Lost Egypt exhibition for our public, and then working with youth workshops.  It is impressive when we find the right individuals how some scientists love the opportunity to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with others.  You’ll find more opportunities to meet scientists like Sarah Parcak as we continue to add layers on top of the engaging experiences our team provides.

She shared with me how much she enjoys the opportunities like we are providing for scientists like her to both share their work and inspire youth to consider science related careers. 

And I love learning from scientists like her as well—it’s one of the cool parts of my job.

If you are interested more in Dr. Parcak’s work, check her out on the university website where she has a video describing her research or get some highlights through our Lost Egypt blog


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