Posted by: COSI | July 16, 2009

I Hate Missing Anniversaries!

I married my wonderful partner, Dottie, on her birthday 36 years ago last month. It wasn’t necessarily intentional timing, but it’s worked well to have me remember our anniversary and her birthday packaged into one day. (And no, I haven’t missed them even once—the double whammy penalty is too great for even my distracted mind to lose track of ‘-)

However, Dottie generally does have to place my mother’s, father’s and other family member’s cards in front of me to sign to assure that I don’t blow right by the anniversary of their births.

So Kelli Nowinsky, COSI’s Public Relations Manager and my blog guru and coach, filled in for Dottie and sent me an e-mail reminder on July 15 that I had hit the one year anniversary of my blog—except I was so busy I didn’t see the note until today. Oh well, not the first anniversary of some sort that I’ve missed—although I always feel bad when I do.

So thanks for bearing with me as I’ve explored this new way of communicating over the last year. And I’d love to have you help me look back at the year’s postings as I reflect on this effort.

What blog posts have you found to be the most interesting? The most useless?
What would you like to see me blog about that I haven’t?

So thanks for the virtual clink of the glass with me as I celebrate (belatedly) the 1 yr mark in my CEO blog.

Have a great day!


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