Posted by: COSI | July 27, 2009

A New Perspective on COSI

Today is Grandpa day at COSI. No, it wasn’t a promotion day from marketing, rather a self-anointed day as our granddaughter Leah made it to COSI for the first time in her 7 month life.

Naturally there was the obligatory trip to the office so my colleagues on the 3rd floor could see the real child behind all the photos (and her parents) I keep posting on my door. Leah then helped me compose e-mails at my computer as you can see (she did take me to parts of Windows I’d never seen as she explored the keyboard 😉 Leah on e-mail

But the main part of the visit was going to our little kidspace and seeing it through the eyes of a child and as a grandparent. Wow is that different! I saw activities and engagement I’d never seen before.

I can’t count how many times I’ve walked through our “children’s museum within COSI,” usually on tours where I’m introducing someone to the breadth of our service and capacity. Today, though, it was slowed down and observing how Leah played in our Water Play area. Boy was she intent!

waterplay photo opShe seemed pretty oblivious to the array of adults capturing the moment by camera (me included), but once in awhile she would look up from her intense exploration with the water and cups to acknowledge her mom or dad with a smile.

She would have continued beyond the hour almost that we were there if we hadn’t gotten hungry and our daughter Kimberly hadn’t wanted to start to dry her off (good thing the raincoats were provided as Leah, with the help of her father, had gotten pretty wet from the waist down). Leah in Waterplay

Kimberly, who lives in the DC area with Leah and Jonathan, expressed her disappointment that she didn’t live nearby (something her mom and I would love to have happen!) so that she could come weekly to COSI with Leah.

It’s nice to have the validation that this is a special place by the little one most important in our family.
It’s good to be reminded how fundamentally satisfying simple experiences can be here for a family. Hopefully I can share future photos of exploring COSI through the eyes of Leah – it’s even more fun that way than I thought it would be!



  1. My husband and I worked at COSI (old and new) until the planetarium was closed and he accepted a position in Baton Rouge. When our first child was born in February, I immediately started looking forward to her first trip to COSI.

    We visited over 4th of July weekend, and like you, we saw COSI through new eyes. She took the whole museum with wide eyes, but Little Kidspace was the best. I could see her brain processing all the new sights, sounds, and textures.

    Side note: I was thankful for the mother’s room. There are very few places that provide a place to nurse, and it made my day run much more smoothly.

  2. It’s never too early to start learning and exploring. Leah and the community as a whole are lucky to have the resources that COSI provides that takes one through exploration with one or all of the senses. During my brief visit to COSI I recognized that the exhibits and displays are designed to stimulate the senses of the youngest of children as well as adults of all ages.

  3. I appreciate the validation that there is learning even at the most fundamental that goes on as even little ones find COSI meeting their needs.

    And I’m glad to hear that the amenities the team has thoughtfully added for parents are helpful.

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