Posted by: COSI | July 29, 2009

“Cool” Physics

scienceWhat a great day—tons of people and us hosting the Public Lecture and dinner as part of a major international physics conference being held at OSU. We’re leading up to the lecture with an engaging Festival of Physics thanks to the support of OSU physics students conducting all sorts of interesting demonstrations in electricity, thermodynamics, and physical sciences. Kids were packed into our atrium engaged in the activities.

I’m looking forward to the public lecture being held in WOSU@COSI—“The Coldest Matter in the Universe”. The rest of the title and the actual session descriptions only a physics geek like me could frankly decipher.

science dayIt took me awhile to even sort out the conference title and tell that it wasn’t something to do with social groups—“International Conference on Recent Progress in Many-Body Theories.” 😉

Thankfully it included the description “the focus is on the development and application of theoretical methods and computational algorithms driven by a strong experimental motivation for quantum many-body systems arising in diverse subfields of physics.” That’s some heavy duty stuff! Good thing the OSU physics students have made physics accessible and understandable through their demonstrations.

Wonder what they’ll ask me to say at the dinner tonight? Maybe I shouldn’t let them know I earned a Physics degree decades ago? Might lead them to ask more of me tonight than a welcome—and that’s good enough for tonight with what I can remember from my Physics days! 😉


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