Posted by: COSI | August 22, 2009

Those Milestones of Life

Now that we’re grandparents, I’m more tuned into the fact that for young children there are an array of incredible milestones in life. It’s amazing to watch with a refreshed, but more informed eye, as Leah, our new granddaughter has mastered grabbing and examining an object, getting mouth muscles coordinated enough to make a consistent sound, get limbs coordinated to start crawling—I can almost see the neural path and muscle developments taking place.

Then will come the social steps combined with skill mastery—sharing with others, going down a slide alone, learning to count by themselves, imagining a future through role playing. These and many other developmental activities are supported in our little kidspace at COSI—the children’s museum of the city built inside of COSI.

lks photoSo it was with the eye of a grandparent that I stopped to watch the little kidspace graduation that took place today to celebrate the young ones who’ve grown to the point and age to “graduate” from many days (and with some years) in little kidspace to stepping out to the “big science center.” The children were certainly enjoying the moment and one more milestone of their life being achieved. Fun to watch even if I wasn’t a grandparent for one of them.


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