Posted by: COSI | September 11, 2009

That old feel

There is still a significant part of my being that identifies with teaching. I remember the anticipation of the new school year start, the re-immersion into the energy and hormone levels of a school full of teens, the hopes, aspirations, and anxiety of facing a new school year (the students never knew that teachers share many similar emotions looking at those first days back).

So it was an odd sense today as I got to COSI mid-day after getting back into town and saw clusters of teens gathering outside on this nice day—but a day that we’re closed. (This is our annual shut down period when we catch up with maintenance, construction projects, etc.).

So why all the teens?

Our expanding Metro School relationship was re-engaged while I was out of the office and several dozen students had started their classes here. Appropriately in a remodeled space for this purpose in the old Central High School component of our building.

Seemed just like old times and I felt the emotions stirring again.


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