Posted by: COSI | October 7, 2009

Going Gung-Ho Green

I just came up from the lunch presentations of some industry and thought leaders as part of Mid-Ohio’s Regional Planning Commission’s Summit on Sustainability & the Environment, held here at COSI. I’m impressed how a very diverse base of perspectives—industry to research to government to community advocacy—can all agree (at least in that room) on the urgency and importance of addressing our behaviors that our rapidly changing our global climate.

As we look for ways to engage, inform and inspire the public I’ve been looking at what other science centers are doing. Turns out other centers are deeply interested in helping address this global issue as well. A small group of us from COSI went to the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry(MSI) to spend two days discussing the possibilities with a small core of colleagues from leading centers around North America.

An inspiration point was the Energy House Chicago’s MSI has built on their campus as a showcase for what can be done with current design and technology to substantially reduce the energy use of a home and its environmental impact. Features included factory construction for quality control, recycled materials, technology controls, rain gardens, green roof and renewable energy sources (wind and solar–including thin film solar rolled out on the roof that delivers electricity even with a blanket of snow on it!).

Smart Home: Green + Wired

Smart Home: Green + Wired

And the house was attractive and appealing! A great inspirational point and proving very popular to visitors who even pay an additional amount to have a tour through the house.

Has me inspired to see what we can do here to bring energy and environmental topics “home” to our visitors and program participants.

Until we get our own here, check this inspirational house out online

In the meantime we’ll continue to host programs and sustainability summits like we are today. I’ll share other initiatives in the coming months as we expand our focus in this area.


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