Posted by: COSI | October 30, 2009

Boredom, Board, & Preparation

Thank goodness for modern electronics—here I am now 3 hours after plane supposed to depart with what looks like several more to go. We’re waiting for a big storm system between us and Ft. Worth to become passable so I can get to the ASTC (Association of Science-Technology Centers) international conference.

To some degree this is ok—13 hrs of meetings as a board and committee member between today and tomorrow that I’m not fully prepped for. Doesn’t matter what city I’ll be in—I’ll spend the next few days in windowless, stifling hotel meeting rooms. At least I’ll be with good colleagues and friends from all over the world. We will be discussing and planning the future of ASTC and our field and individual centers against important society needs.

COSI is being recognized more and more as a leader in the field again so I need to be “on my game” and ready—so here I sit with computer and electronic page after page of reports and background info—some of which I’ve had to generate and now updating sitting in this uncomfortable airport seat. Hopefully I can move to an uncomfortable plane seat sometime in the near future! 😉


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