Posted by: COSI | November 6, 2009

Another COSI milestone—Brought to you by the Number 10

8678-01It seems that most everyone enjoys celebrations (unless maybe it’s a birthday on the downhill side of life that reminds you of the sand emptying out of your personal hourglass—kind of where I’m getting to.)

While COSI has been around since 1964, it was November 6 ten years ago when the institution moved its operations to 333 West Broad.

I wasn’t here but I understand the opening garnered widespread international publicity. From architectural magazines in Japan to Vogue to Time magazine’s two-page spread, the new building was trumpeted far and wide. Throw in Kathy Sullivan, a record setting female astronaut as the COSI leader and a building designed by a world famous architect and you have created many special elements to that opening.

So we can’t possibly let this anniversary go by without a celebration!

I’ll be at my daughter’s wedding, a higher priority, but it’s still with regret that I won’t be here to see how the community will celebrate with COSI this Saturday. (Okay, Saturday is the 7th, but close enough 😉

The number 10 will be themed in many ways—from the $10 admission for adults to the 10 times 100 cookies from Cheryl & Co. that will be handed out while they last.

I can’t be there—but I hope you’ll stop by for all the special activities, rates and prizes.

Here is some more info and some impressive and interesting facts about our facility.
Let me know how the day goes and send pictures!


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