Posted by: COSI | November 18, 2009

Not your normal city council appearance…

There are some fun parts to my job that I never really had covered in my training—one of them being how to make presentations with a mascot at your side. Monday night I was in front of Columbus City Council sharing updates on the array of activities we have lined up for the holidays at COSI with RATio, our mascot bouncing around next to me 😉

I was also able to share the great news that we will have Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition back for an encore starting next March 27. This is a big deal to land a major exhibition like this for COSI and our community. It takes a lot of hard negotiation and decision making when you are dealing with these major properties.

As I had not been here in 2005 for its previous run, I flew to NYC to view this 15,000 square foot exhibition at its location off of Times Square. It is impressive and impactful. And we will be having not only many new artifacts (almost 100 with 23 having their world debut here), but we’re also working with the tour company and within our team to strengthen the incredible science and technology richness the Titanic story offers.

We had over 226,000 guests view Titanic the last time with an audience representing every county in Ohio and every state in the country. Now, with our #1 ranking in place, stronger partnerships, and overall growing membership we should see a very successful run for the community and COSI.

So at least by that portion of the presentation to city council I’d learned better to let RATio do his thing while I focused on what I was sharing with city council and the cameras!


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