Posted by: COSI | December 7, 2009

Community Open House at COSI

We welcomed over 5200 people on our Community Open House (COH) Day, yesterday, Sunday December 6—the video gives some imagery of the day.

When I joined COSI, COH was by far the primary way in which we assured access to our experiences, albeit once a year. COH for us is now a celebration day for access that is woven into the web we’ve created of year long opportunities—ranging from the 16,000 family members and individuals who attend our monthly Family Friday Nights to the 19 percent representation within our over 18,000 membership households taking advantage weekly of our free and reduced memberships for those families challenged financially.

Plus it’s a special day for our team members—probably the one day per year that we’re all working together regardless of position and primary work location, for one purpose—providing a great day for anyone from the community interested in enjoying COSI without any barriers of cost. My arthritic knee just barely held up to my hours on the floor greeting our guests—but it was worth the ache! 😉

Yep, it was a great day!


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