Posted by: COSI | December 9, 2009

Linking with Copenhagen

Never thought I’d be wondering how our connection with the climate talks in Copenhagen is doing! Yet here COSI is linked into one of the most reported, and some would say important, international activities of the year.

Today our Metro School students are “competing” with a select cluster of just six other science center student groups around the world exploring the challenging task of “greening” a community through the online simulation game, Clim’City. Having been an early user of the Sim series as a teacher when it first came out, and getting to know Jeff Braun, the Sim series co-developer/founder since then makes this activity even more personal to me.

Can’t wait to hear about the students’ experiences.

If you want to check out the French produced simulation (it does have an English translation ;-), you can find it here.



  1. I got to observe a little at Metro last year. It really is amazing the things they have them doing. Mixed feelings about the actual conference, but happy COSI and Metro are working together.

  2. There are actually many other ways in which COSI and Metro are working together—including Metro students holding classes in COSI to take advantage of the special resources here like WOSU for their media projects!

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