Posted by: COSI | December 22, 2009

I’m Not Too Anxious

COSI draws its support from a variety of sources. Plus we fulfill our mission and serve our community through on-site visits, programs for schools, families, and groups, outreach physically and electronically (through the largest outreach program in the country serving between 300,000 and 400,000 depending on the year), and our intense teen opportunities –from volunteering to programs like COSI Academy offering connectivity with STEM professionals and behind the scenes at their labs.

But people still identify us mostly with our general visitation and the experiences they have as families—particularly around holiday and school break visits to COSI. And without endowment and steady public support a significant part of our revenue still hinges on earned revenue from our attendance revenue (one time or memberships).

So I get anxious around these time periods when schools are out, families and couples are looking for something to do, and we hope that we are a choice for their quality time together (or for the cook getting the brood out of the house while preparing the holiday feast! 😉

I’m traveling with our family scattered over the eastern United States, but we use Yammer to report out daily the attendance for the day. And twice a week, an updated spreadsheet is sent out updating our attendance and attendance revenue totals.

So I have my iPhone and my Yammer ap with me and I’ll be imagining large crowds enjoying themselves at COSI every day and then with nervous anticipation comparing my wishes to reality every night! Such is the life of a museum CEO at this time of the year.


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